RF Coaxial Connectors


High-frequency connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards, cables and devices, enabling very high frequencies to be transmitted. It is crucial that a consistent wave resistance (impedance) is maintained in the transmission system. The diversity ranges from miniature to large and even heavy connectors - these must always function reliably no matter how tough the conditions. Not only are the connectors essential for enabling existing and future technologies, they must be able to adapt to ecological and economic conditions, withstand ever-increasing transmission rates, and continually satisfy demands for performance and reliability. Such requirements apply across all sectors, whether communication, medicine, industry, automotive, consumer goods, or other higth-tech applications.

Locking Mechanism
Locking devices prevent the possibility of unintentional disconnection by ensuring the contacts are always securely connected. The contact connection is guaranteed to withstand mechanical stress.

Rosenberger Group's product portfolio includes, amongst others:

  • Screw-on locking mechanism
  • Slide-on locking mechanism
  • Magnetic self-mating locking mechanism
  • Snap-on locking mechanism
  • Quick-lock mechanism