Rosenberger’s new EBC® (Efficient Board Connector) series is the ideal 5G board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnect solution for active MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas and radios. Outstanding performance, low cost design and high mechanical stability make EBC® the perfect future-proof product for 5G radio interconnections.

For applications up to 8 GHz, EBC® connectors fulfill the challenging requirements caused by the exponential data volumes increases in future 5G networks. Essential characteristics include extremely small dimensions, radial and axial misalignments, different holding forces, minimum board-to-board distances, and fast and cost-effective assembly design. A key mechanical design feature is the locating side which is integrated in the bullet. One side has a smooth bore, while the other has a limited-detent design. The single PCB coupler provides a consistent footprint with preloaded outer contacts for ensuring contact optimization, the push/snap-on locking mechanism allows fast and easy disconnection.


Product Portfolio

  • PCB connectors (SMD smooth bore and full detent)
  • Panel connectors
  • Bullets in different lengths, one side smooth bore, other side limited detent
  • Tools



  • Impedance 50 Ω
  • Interface according to Rosenberger EBC®
  • Frequency range DC up to 8 GHz
  • Return loss ≥ 26 dB @ DC to 6 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distance 12 mm
  • Pitch > 6.8 mm
  • Axial misalignment ± 0.8 mm
  • Radial misalignment 4°
  • Mating cycles ≥ 100
  • Push/Snap-on locking mechanism
  • Different detent types at bullet: smooth bore and limited detent



  • Extremely small dimensions
  • High packing density due to minimum pitch and board-to-board distances
  • Blind mate – self-centering / self-alignment
  • Push/Snap-on locking for fast and easy disconnection
  • Radial and axial misalignment using bullets in different lengths
  • Automatic and cost-effective assembly with tape and reel packaging options
  • Excellent signal integrity (SI) and shielding (EMI)
  • Designed for mass-volume production



  • Ideally suited for 5G board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnect solution for active MIMO antennas and radios


Rosenberger Series Code EBC

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