Industrial Solutions


For Industrial Applications, Rosenberger Offers Robust, Reliable, High Precision Products Along the Entire System Architecture: Control Cabinet, Sensor, Power Unit and Customized Solutions

With high quality engineering the priority, Rosenberger focuses on differential and coaxial data transmission as well as power connectors including cable assembly.


Connector Systems for Harsh Environments

Connector Systems Must be Continuously Smaller and More Powerful as the Space in Switch Cabinets and Electronic Assemblies Becomes Increasingly Limited

For this reason Rosenberger offers in addition to low cost PCB and cable connectors, complete cable assemblies for electronic devices and control cabinet wiring.

Rosenberger products especially impress with their robustness and can therefore be counted on for use in demanding industrial environments. Their resistance to dust, water, vibration, and extreme operating temperatures ensures Rosenberger connector systems are extremely reliable and durable.


Real-Time Processing for Industry 4.0 Applications

Industrial Plants are Becoming Increasingly Complex

Industry 4.0 applications and IIoT real-time communication depend on high-quality, shielded data connectors which are resistant to electrical interference and environmental conditions.

For this reason, the industrial sector is now focused on enabling complex data rates at low cost. Consequently, the origins of many next generation connector systems are to be found in buildings technology and automotive. With cost pressures also increasing in industrial applications, Rosenberger rises to the challenge with high-quality solutions based on existing automotive products, combining know-how and efficiency.


Customized Design and Production

In Addition to an Extensive Portfolio of High-Quality Products, the Rosenberger Group has Many Years of Expertise in the Production of Customer-Specific Solutions

Based on technical and commercial specifications Rosenberger creates an overall concept for the realization of unique, fit-for-purpose products - from the initial idea to series production. Electrical and mechanical requirements are comprehensively evaluated along with the use of suitable technologies, allowing efficient integration of custom designs into the subsequent workflow.

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High Temperature Connectors

Ceramic Connector

Connectors for Battery Power Tools

Magnetic Connectors for Wearables


Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)

Standardized SPE interfaces provide highly efficient data transmission in factory and process automation: application-oriented, reduced cabling is the basis for future-proof Ethernet communication - from the field to the cloud.

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RoProxCon®- Contactless Data and Power Transmission

RoProxCon® is a connection system that can be used to easily create contactless connections over a short distance. The data transmission at the RoProxCon® is based on radio tansmission and that with a carrier frequency of 60 GHz. This frequency in the mmW range has the great advantage that high data rates can be achiedved without complex modulation effort in the transmitter and reciever.All applications are conceivable in which conventional connectors, slip rings or cable trees reach their limits, e.g. due to movement, rotation or lifetime.

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Circular connectors

Circular connectors feature a robust design, high mechanical strength and resistance to vibration, shock, moisture and dust. They provide a reliable and secure electrical connection in demanding environments. Circular connectors are versatile and their protective features make them a popular choice in various industries, including industrial automation, where a safe and reliable connection is of the utmost importance.

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