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Rosenberger North America Pennsauken Combines Innovation, Cutting Edge Technology, and Experience at the Highest Level

In April 2012, Rosenberger acquired Toth Technologies, which was renamed Rosenberger North America (RNA) Pennsauken in April 2017. This location has been a technology leader for over 70 years in custom machining, complex electromechanical contract assembly and hermetic components to the military, aerospace and instrumentation markets.


Our company’s precision manufacturing capability is highly impressive, providing maximum flexibility and resilience in terms of capacity utilization and logistics.  In addition to extensive problem-solving, Rosenberger North America offers production processes that are tailored to specific customer requirements.

From prototyping to production, we are capable of manufacturing your product at the highest quality, using almost any material.  Our customer base includes the commercial, military, aerospace, microwave and communication industries.  We produce machined parts, gaskets, fixtures, and tooling, as well as perform bonding and hermetic assembly. 


Production Technology

Quality and Competence from One Source

Meeting customer requirements and their desired production techniques with a perfect fit is Rosenberger North America's top priority. Due to the increasing complexity of components and ever more demanding materials regarding shaping processes, Rosenberger understands the critical importance of using innovative and ultra-modern production plants – combined with competent manual resources.

CNC Swiss-type lathes at RNA Pennsauken produce piece parts with diameters ranging from .005” to .750” and lengths from .010” to 6” with tolerance ranges as strict as ± .0001”.  Our Swiss-type lathes are capable of producing rectangular piece parts that were traditionally machined on milling machines

RNA Pennsauken is equipped for the production of military, aerospace, and communications components.  With a focus on micro machined features, RNA Pennsauken regularly achieves machined tolerances within ±.0002” in our state-of-the-art facility.  From exotic metals through phenolics, and prototype through production, RNA Pennsauken is ready to meet the strictest of customer requirements.

Our glass to metal seal department is always on the cutting edge of RF technology. Our capabilities range from small single port connectors that measure less than .069” in diameter to large packages that have multiple  integrated glassed and Brazed connections.  With the capability of pre-tinning and tape and reel in house, we are your one stop shop for glass to metal sealed connectors. 

RNA Pennsauken specializes in next-higher assemblies. Our skilled technicians are capable of performing primer application, specialty hardware installation, soldering (J-STD-001:IPC-A-610) and polymeric/structural bonding (NASA-STD-8739-1)


Quality Management

Rosenberger North America is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D

Rosenberger North America utilizes a series of 3D mechanical and optical coordinate measuring machines, gauging, microscopes, and digital measurement equipment in our temperature and humidity-controlled quality lab to enable our skilled personnel to provide highly accurate measurement data to ensure high quality products.


Production Portfolio

Rosenberger North America's Precision Machining Center

Rosenberger North America's Precision Machining Center is a facility that supplies machined components, glass sealed connectors, and precision assemblies focusing on Space and Military/Aerospace applications.

The Precision Machining Center specializes in close tolerance machining, micromachining and production turning.  From complex diplexers to multiport micro connectors, Rosenberger has the knowledge and capability to handle the most challenging demands to meet our customers’ needs.

Our production turning department has the capability to efficiently manufacture large quantity close tolerance orders.  Rosenberger’s Milling department is comprised of modern equipment with 5 axis capabilities to handle the most challenging geometry.  Multiple progressive belt furnaces permit Rosenberger to efficiently assemble and seal glassed connectors in our hi-tech glass to metal sealing department.  Automated pre-tinning machines give us the technology to handle our customers’ strict requirements for board-ready connectors.  Rosenberger North America's Precision Machining Center also contains a NASA certified assembly department focusing on complex space and antenna assemblies.

Rosenberger North America has what it takes to get the job done. Pride in Precision!


Precision Manufacturing at Rosenberger, Pennsauken in Numbers


38,000 square feet

of Production area


1,900,000 Parts

produced annually


80 employees

responsible for precision manufacturing