Customized Solutions


Rosenberger Provides Customized Solutions – Cost-optimized and Timely – From the Initial Idea Right Through to Volume Production.


Every Solution Starts with an Idea. 
The development of new ideas and their development towards implementable solutions that add value is part of Rosenberger's customer promise. Based on your technical and commercial specifications, an overall concept for the realization of your product is created. In addition to the fulfillment of electrical and mechanical requirements, Rosenberger also selects the suitable technologies to transform your idea to reality.

Design/Part Selection

Rosenberger selects all electrical and mechanical components according to relevancy and function and ensures the derivability of the components over the planned project duration.

Modern design and simulation tools reduce the number of design cycles and accelerates the development time.

Mechanical Construction

Through the integration of electrical and mechanical development, the design can be verified prior to prototyping.

All design, material, environmental and compliance requirements are determined at this stage.


Prototyping/Verification Practicability

Electrical prototypes are manufactured on serial production lines to find a ready-to-use design at an early development stage. Mechanical components (e.g., housing, control elements and connectors) can be produced by rapid-prototyping method.

Environmental tests and preliminary conformity measures in the product development phase guarantees that your product meets the necessary standards and requirements within the product series.


All major electrical and mechanical tests are carried out in Rosenberger's specialized laboratory, including EMC and signal integrity.

Product certifications are carried out in cooperation with internationally accredited laboratories.

Serial Production/Logistics

The manufacturing process is developed according to your specifications, including manual assembly in semi or fully automatic production.

In addition to the series production, Rosenberger also takes responsibility of the complete supply chain.


IoT Solutions for Practice

The networking of products and services usually requires not only customized hardware but also specific firmware and software, e.g. mobile apps. Rosenberger supports the customer with the conception and specification creation, carries out the development according to customer requirements and industrializes the entire system up to the turnkey handover. We support the integration of the product into the customer's existing IT landscape by providing the appropriate interfaces.

When developing IoT applications, we use tried and tested solution modules that have proven themselves in practice. In addition, we are also the competent partner when it comes to connecting machines or products in the field.