Magnetic Connectors


The Slightly Different Connector

Rosenberger has developed a product family that offers an intelligent alternative to mechanical mating. Our magnetic self-mating connector series provides all common functions and is suitable for power and data transmission.


Self-mating works as follows: When the plug is approaching the socket, it is attracted by the magnetic force and virtually slides into the socket by itself. This makes it an efficient and comfortable handling and ensures a correct connection.

Fast, Reliable, Simple

The magnetic self-mating connectors automatically discover connections and prevent them from tearing out. They're ideal for connections that need to be connected and disconnected more frequently.

Break-Away Function

The break-away function is designed to break the connection should the plug or cable be subjected to an acute tensile force (intentional or unintentional). This avoids the risk of injury to the user and damage to the connectors. The deliberate removal of the plug is also fast and simple due to the break-away function.



Medicine and Healthcare

The magnetic break-away function is highly suited to medical environments protecting patients, hospital staff and equipment from harm. Use cases and applications include nurse calling systems, patient monitoring, patient infotainment, and the administration of hospidal beds, wheel chairs, AED and surgical appliances.

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Industrial Automation, Drones and Robots

Both autonomous charging by traditional contacts and inductive solutions is supported. At the same time, the self-mating and break-away functions enable portable multi-site data acquisition. These features greatly simplify connections in hard to reach environments such as those found in UAV's, including drones and robots, as well as ruggedized tablets and many industrial service and maintenance applications.

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Consumer Electronics

For electrical personal mobility products such as e-bikes, e-scooters, skateboards and watercraft, magnetic self-mating and locking makes battery swapping and charging much more user-friendly. Reliable data transmission and acquisition also makes it ideal for many consumer electronics applications including USB and LAN.

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Light Electric Vehicles

For sustainable, climate-friendly transport and less noise, small light electric vehicles (LEVs) are on the rise, especially in metropolitan areas. These expand and complement progressive forms of mobility. Not only are LEVs resource-saving and quiet, they’re easy to operate. To ensure that LEVs have sufficient power for acceleration and managing steep climbs, the batteries must be charged quickly, easily and safely when connecting to the power grid. Connection solutions from Rosenberger are purpose-designed to ensure this.

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