Semiconductor Test & High-Speed Digital


From Professionals for Professionals

Rosenberger is an experienced and established manufacturer of components for semiconductor test and measurement solutions. The company recognizes not only the challenges involved with latest developments in high-speed, high-precision and scanning testing, but also the associated requirements of its customers.

Rosenberger Group therefore offers a comprehensive and flexible product portfolio for serving the following areas: Multiport mini-coax connectors and cable assemblies for applications up to 40 GHz, spring contact coax products, test probes and customer-defined cable assemblies for modern chip test systems. Also available are powerful "coaxial-to-circuit board" transitions with high packing density and low losses, as well as cable assemblies – optimized for digital high-speed tests.

The Rosenberger portfolio includes the following products for this area:

  • Probes and customer-specific cable assemblies
  • Design Innovations, e.g. enabling max probe fidelity for real-time oscilloscopes