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About Rosenberger North America

Rosenberger is an innovative global leader in RF technology with an ever-growing international presence. The Rosenberger name stands for both quality and cutting-edge technology in the field of RF connectors, low & high frequency cable assemblies, RF test and measurement devices, automotive products, Fiber optic solutions, custom copper assemblies and precision manufacturing. Embracing creativity, dedication, collaboration, agility, and change, we are never complacent and strive for perfection.

Rosenberger, headquartered in the Bavarian foothills of Germany, maintains sales and manufacturing facilities around the globe. Rosenberger North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rosenberger Group, which was founded more than 25 years ago in Pennsylvania. As an industry leader, Rosenberger provides a wide range of standardized and proprietary connectivity solutions to a variety of customers across multiple industries and market segments.

With nearly 100 years combined experience at our North American facilities, Rosenberger continues to create, develop, and refine our products through the quality and proficiency of our employees. Using essential state-of-the-art components, destined for Land, Sea, Air, Space and beyond, we strive to turn our dreams, and yours, into reality. We guarantee this promise to our customers around the world.

Our mastery lies in our expertise, quality, and endless drive to create industry leading solutions, guided by the strength and responsibility of Rosenberger's core values. With the brightest and dedicated minds behind our name, we DRIVE technology into the next generation.

Rosenberger North America…Pride in Precision.