UHF* coaxial connectors with geared screw locking frontal interlocking teeth and without defined impedance are intended for very low frequency applications up to 300 MHz. They are intermateable with “banana” connectors.

*UHF = Ultra High Frequency, when developed in the 1930s, in fact today even wrong.



Product Portfolio

  • Cable connectors & adaptors on request



  • Impedance not defined
  • Interface according to IEC 60169-12
  • Frequency range DC to 300 MHz
  • Mating cycles ≥ 500
  • Geared screw locking mechanism



  • Inexpensive and intermateable with “banana” connectors



  • For low frequencies up to 300 MHz
  • Amateur, CB and marine radio, spare parts


Rosenberger Series Code 54

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