Push-On Connectors


5G network applications are rapidly gaining momentum and as part of these radio frequency (RF) connector systems are playing a crucial role. Due to ever higher signal frequencies and data rates as well as packing density and signal integrity requirements, the need for high-performance and high-quality board-to-board connection solutions is growing.

Board-to-board solutions from Rosenberger connect circuit boards on top of each other or in parallel. However, the use of connectors in mobile electronic devices presents two challenges: the compensation of manufacturing and assembly tolerances, and PCB movement from shocks, vibration or temperature changes.
Rosenberger board-to-board connections therefore offer designers a high degree of flexibility with regard to alignment tolerances, simplifying the entire production process. A key feature is the adapter (bullet). This maintains transmission integrity in the event of slight axial and radial misalignment.


Tolerance Compensation
Rosenberger designs board-to-board PCB connectors in limited-detent, full-detent, and smooth bore types. Both components are connected using an adaptor also known as a bullet. This allows for mechanical tolerance compensation while maintaining the electrical properties.

Axial Misalignment
The Rosenberger smooth bore connector enables axial tolerance compensation limited by the maximum sliding surface of the outer condutor. Dependent on the connector series used, different tolerance ranges are covered. The extent of radial tolerance compensation ocurring in parallel will reduce the maximum axial tolerance compensation to a corresponding degree.

Radial Misalignment
Rosenberger adaptors enable radial tolerance compensation, without having to specify the electrical contacts of the circuit board connections in advance. The maximum radial tolerance depends on the length of the bullets used. This is calculated using the following formula:

X = I x sin α

X = maximum radial tolerance (mm)
α = maximum angle 4°
I  = bullet length (mm)



Flexibility as a Quality Feature

Rosenberger delivers precision and flexibility by offering board-to-board connections in different stack heights. This ensures a large number of different product development requirements can be met with high quality and reliability.


Rosenberger board-to-board connectors function at the highest level: They are easy to use while offering maximum reliability and strong performance. Furthermore, they are purpose-designed for flexible circuit board connection.
Besides these innovative new product developments Rosenberger's range also includes connectors for all common and many high-frequency standard series.


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