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Portable healthcare technologies are essential in nearly every medical setting, safe and efficient transport for medical equipment. They are also used to house and transport portable testing and diagnostic technology. Portability helps improve workflow efficiency, patient safety and vital time-saving critical care applications as well as rapid diagnoses. However, traditional portable medical technology carts can be a safety hazard. If a cart is not properly secured, it can tip over, causing damage to equipment or injury to personnel. Breakaway connectors are a simple and effective way to reduce the risk of cart tipping. The solution to this problem is Rosenberger’s breakaway magnetic connectors, including the Rosenberger Power Data Connectors (RoPD®) with magnetic self-mating mechanism, MagCode® PowerSystem and PowerSystemPro, Magnetic RJ45 and MultiMag connectors.


The Right Connector for Medical Diagnostic Mobility

Rosenberger has developed a product family that offers an intelligent alternative to mechanical mating. Our magnetic self-mating connector series provides all common functions and is suitable for power and data transmission, ideal for medical diagnostic carts and trollys. Self-mating breakaway connectors are a simple and effective way to improve the safety of portable medical technology carts. They can help to reduce the risk of cart tipping, equipment damage, and injury. Breakaway connectors are a valuable safety investment for any healthcare organization.

Breakaway connectors offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of cart tipping
  • Reduced risk of equipment damage
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced downtime

Self-Mating, Fast and Reliable

When the plug is approaching the socket, it is attracted by the magnetic force and virtually slides into the socket by itself. This makes it an efficient and comfortable handling and ensures a correct connection, automatically discover connections and prevent them from tearing out, making them ideal for connections that require repetitive connecting and disconnecting.

Break-Away Function

The break-away function is designed to break the connection should the plug or cable be subjected to an acute tensile force (intentional or unintentional). This avoids the risk of injury to the user and damage to the connectors. The deliberate removal of the plug is also fast and simple due to the break-away function.


The MagCode® series is ideal for exterior connectors on mobile/portable medical and diagnostic systems.

In contrast to conventional connectors MagCode® Systems use head contacts instead of pins an sockets. MultiPort and MultiClip are self-finding by use of the integrated coded permanent magnets, which also guarantee a perfect alignment. Since all elements for the generation of the contact pressure are located within the MagCode MultiClip the MagCode MultiSystem is ideal for contacting printed circuit boards and modules with injection-molded contacts. Rosenberger's MagCode® PowerSystem and MagCode® PowerSystemPro ensure safe and reliable magnetic connection to 12V and 24V external power sources.


Additional Information

  • Breakaway connectors are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit a variety of carts.
  • Breakaway connectors are typically easy to install and maintain.
  • Breakaway connectors are a valuable safety investment for any healthcare organization.


  • Portable Ultrasound
  • OB and NICU screening and monitoring
  • Cardiovascular and EKG
  • Portable X-Ray
  • Operating Room and Recovery
  • Smart beds (ER, ICU, Oncology, Hospice, etc.)
  • EMT and first responder equipment

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