Rosenberger MagCode® PowerSystem and MagCode® PowerSystemPro ensure safe and reliable magnetic connection to 12V and 24V external power sources. This includes ‘cigarette lighter’ receptacles commonly found on many vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans and campers as well as motorcycles and boats. 

MagCode® PowerSystem
Magnets in the PowerPort and PowerClip ensure contact is made between the two parts of the connector as well as providing a switching function. The flat contacts only carry power when the moveable plate in the Port is magnetized by the magnets in the Clip. Totally short-circuit-proof, the MagCode® PowerSystem is designed to avoid other metal objects or permanent magnets inadvertently energizing the contacts. 

MagCode® PowerSystemPro
MagCode® PowerSystemPro features an additional twist lock mechanism for applications where greater separation forces and higher current load are necessary. In addition, the twist lock function guarantees switching will not occur before the outside contact has been closed – therefore eliminating potential arcing problems.

Product Portfolio

  • PowerPort
  • PowerClip
  • Accessories


  • Hi-tech design
  • Minimal mounting depth (port)
  • Current load up to 25 A
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Waterproof (installed port)
  • For 12 V, 24 V (and 42 V)


  • Stable connection
  • Easy clean
  • No arcing problem


  • Ideal for exterior connectors on vehicles under conditions of sustained charging and high current load

Rosenberger Series Code M2

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