SMPS Multiport Connectors, Adaptors & Cable Assemblies


High Performance Solutions for High Density Applications

Covering a frequency range up to 110 GHz per lane while maintaining a consistent impedance profile with low insertion and return loss, our SMPS (Sub Miniature Push-On Sub-Micro) connectors are excellent for high frequency applications where design density limitations matter.

Features and Benefits

•  Excellent RF channel alignment & registration
•  Solderless design: Ease of installation and maintenance
•  High density with its 2.54 mm pitch
•  Coplanar waveguide and stripline transmission lines compatible
•  High Performance: 110 GHz (50 ohms)

 Multiple configurations available:

•  Single row or double row of: 2, 4, 8 or 16 ports
•  Edge launch or vertical mount
•  Twinax or coax cable assemblies

High customization potential:

•  Custom number of rows & ports.
    Ex: 2 rows of 10 ports
•  Custom cable assemblies configuration.
    Ex: Twinax termination
•  Multiple PCB thicknesses compatibility


With three mating configurations available, Rosenberger's SMPS Multiport connectors provide secure connectivity, ensuring optimal and consistant data throughput, making these connectors a reliable high-performance solution.


SMPS Solderless Board Mount Connectors

Multiport SMPS connectors available in gangs of 2, 4, 8 & 16 conductive pins per single row.


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