SPE for Fieldcommunication - Joint Whitepaper


Overview of the current possibilities of SPE in a variety of application areas

Joint Whitepaper by Draka Comteq, Fischer Connectors, Microchip, SICK, Weidmüller and Rosenberger

This position paper is intended for product managers and developers of Single Pair Ethernet field devices who want an overview of the industry specific requirements for the technology. Readers will gain insight into the current and future status of the benefits and potentials of SPE in various field use cases within a vast range of environments, whether in factory process, building or cargo ship automation and whether in the harsh conditions of offshore wind farms or the confined spaces in smart cities.

With their sweeping, cost-effective and easy-to-install qualities, Single Pair Ethernet solutions enable the necessary speeds, lengths and interconnectivity options that are key to a multitude of data-based applications in our increasingly connected digitized world.

To find out more, please see the Joint Whitepaper, published by the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance.

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