Rosenberger Releases White Paper on AI Data Centers and Connectivity Technology


Today, Rosenberger officially released the white paper "Development Prospects for AI Data Center Network Architecture and Connectivity Technology." This white paper elaborates on the future development direction of AI data center network architecture and explores the cutting-edge trends in related connectivity technologies.

The white paper points out that with the rapid growth of the global AI market, traditional cloud data center network architectures can no longer meet the demands of AI applications. In response, Rosenberger has recommended a new intelligent data center network architecture that employs Fat-Tree architecture and RDMA technology, significantly enhancing network performance and transmission efficiency.

The newly released white paper also introduces 800G and 1.6T transmission solutions, aimed at meeting high bandwidth demands and improving the stability and efficiency of data transmission. Rosenberger, in collaboration with leading internet companies, has successfully tested a 400G high-speed optical fiber system in China and provided 800G products for multiple projects. The white paper provides the first comprehensive introduction to Rosenberger's independently developed innovative solutions for AI data centers, including single-mode transmission, large-scale outdoor transmission, liquid cooling, and other advanced connectivity technologies such as expanded beam technology, pre-terminated technology, and new optical module technology.

Rosenberger is committed to advancing efficient and innovative connectivity technology development to meet the market's demand for higher speed and greater efficiency. The release of this white paper marks another significant milestone for Rosenberger in the AI network technology field, providing valuable technical references for the industry.

For more information, please download the white paper here