New Hermetic Assembly Expansion in Pennsauken, NJ


Adding new processes to Rosenberger North America’s current glass-to-metal sealing capability.

In response to customer needs and market demands, Rosenberger North America (RNA) has expanded their Pennsauken, NJ facilities to include a 10,000 square feet manufacturing building for the hermetic assembly department.   

The expansion will allow more room to increase RNA production and support processes, including different process and atmosphere furnaces, vacuum, and induction heating.  A larger test lab will allow RNA to bring environmental testing in-house.   

RNA will be adding new processes to our current glass-to-metal sealing processes, such as integrated packages; brazing feeds and connectors into gold plated machined housings, as well as brazing ground pins to hermetic packages.  Utilizing current precision machining capabilities and the extensive knowledge of employees in package manufacturing and quality will ensure all customer requirements are met or exceeded.  The design team at RNA’s Akron facility can also guide customers in package design to provide cost-effectiveness and ease of build.     

The new engineering lab will allow RNA to assemble complex parts and prototypes without interrupting current production flow.  The part tinning, tape and reel, and packaging process will also be expanded to meet future capacity.  Automated 3D laser part scanning for our quality department will increase quality and output while reducing lead-time.   

The expanded assembly area will be temperature controlled with new LED lighting.  This addition will increase safety and allow for better social distancing of over 25 engineers, assembling, inspection, and testing technicians.  

The new hermetic assembly and manufacturing expansion will provide Rosenberger future growth and aligns with RNA’s motto: Pride in Precision.