DesignCon 2023 Recap


Did you miss us at DesignCon 2023? No worries! We have you covered. Rosenberger had a great week in Santa Clara. Rosenberger presented new products and showcased capabilities. We encourage you to look at the content and products we presented at this year’s DesignCon below. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!



Last year at DesignCon 2022, Test & Measurement Product Manager at Rosenberger North America, Bruce Cardwell, presented a product showcase on our WSMP NexGen product series. Cardwell developed the WSMP NexGen and during his 2022 presentation, he defined the benefits of the connector series and how it expanded to include PCB Connectors, adaptors (bullets), multipin connectors and cable assemblies.

This year, Rosenberger North America's Sales & Marketing Vice President, Nick Parker, joined Cardwell in an in-depth Q&A on the WSMP NexGen series. This Q&A delved into applications you may not have thought about, eliminating barriers to adoption and how the WSMP NexGen series can be used by the American Military & Aerospace market.

Rosenberger WSMP NexGen connectors are a push-on/blind mate interconnect system that provide superior flexibility for your design.  WSMP connectors are approximately 45 percent smaller than standard SMP connectors and offer a high-frequency performance beyond 100 GHz.  

The outstanding features of this product include extremely high packing densities and minimum board-to-board distances of 3.91 mm.

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NEW - High-Speed Cable Assemblies in USA

This year, Rosenberger has expanded the manufacturing capabilities of FAKRA, HFM® (High-Speed FAKRA Mini) and H-MTD® cable assemblies to Rosenberger North America. 

The production line at Rosenberger North America features the same processes, tooling, equipment, and quality of Rosenberger parts. These products are assembled in-house with state-of-the-art machinery and tooling designed by Rosenberger.

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