DesignCon 2022: In Case You Missed Us!


Did you miss us at DesignCon 2022?  No worries! We have you covered.  Rosenberger had a great week in Santa Clara.  Attendance was akin to what we have seen pre-pandemic and Rosenberger presented new products and showcased capabilities.  We encourage you to look at the content and products we presented at this year’s DesignCon below.  We look forward to seeing you in 2023!


WSMP NexGen Product Showcase

Rosenberger WSMP NexGen connectors are a push-on/blind mate interconnect system that provide superior flexibility for your design.  WSMP connectors are approximately 45 percent smaller than standard SMP connectors and offer a high-frequency performance beyond 100 GHz.  

The outstanding features of this product include extremely high packing densities and minimum board-to-board distances of 3.91 mm.

With the introduction of our NexGen WSMP connectors, the WSMP product family now has enhanced capability which includes PCB connectors, adaptors (bullets), multipin connectors and cable assemblies.  Rosenberger WSMP connectors meet a range of standard and custom configurations for use in Test and Measurement, military, space, and commercial high-density applications.

Watch the full product showcase presented by Bruce Cardwell at DesignCon 2022.

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Multiport Mini-SMP for Solderless Mounting

Rosenberger introduces Multiport Mini-SMP cable assemblies and PCB connectors which can be mounted solderless on printed circuit boards. The PCB connectors offer superior signal integrity for all kinds of printed circuit boards and can be connected with Mini-SMP – RPC-2.92 cable assemblies for frequencies DC to 40 GHz, or with Mini-SMP – RPC-1.85 cable assemblies for frequencies up to 65 GHz. The system is available with 8 or 16 channels.

The Multiport Mini-SMP system is very cost-effective – designed solderless, easy to assemble by using screws, reusable (high number of mating cycles), low abrasion, damage-free connection and compatible with standard Mini-SMP interface.  

Challenging test & measurement applications are semiconductor test equipment testing, system testing or applications where the DUT changes frequently.

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PCB System Design and Custom Footprint Optimization Showcase

Designers need to make themselves aware of all the variables involved to properly design their boards for high performance. The quality of surface mount connections is dependent on several parameters, such as substrate thickness and board-stack-up. Designing high performance PCB systems is as much about schematic design and engineering as it is about creating a stable layout on your board.

Looking at the IoT space, smart-industry environments, avionics, and upcoming areas like 5G and autonomous vehicles, you will find many parallels in these areas. Power integrity is an important issue in high performance PCB systems design as power instability can influence signal instabilities. Similarly, signal integrity problems have always become more prominent as data rates increase to Gbps levels and rise/fall times in digital signals decrease to ps levels. Add to this the fact that many advanced systems are mixed signal devices, and your stack up, layout, and routing design become critical aspects that drive performance.

Learn why the RF connector experts from Rosenberger recommend your PCB layout will determine the most important aspects of your board’s power and signal integrity, and what we can do to support this phase of your design.


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