Coupler Metrology


Coupler measurement technology follows innovation

New, innovative technologies in vehicles (rear seat infotainment, intelligent dashboards, driver assistance systems, autonomous driving) have significantly increased the need for high-speed automotive bus systems which must work in parallel with the high-voltage networks of electric cars. Rosenberger meets these requirements by producing measurement techniques and test probes based on directional couplers for comprehensive cross-divisional coupling and immunity analysis.



In order to support automotive system integration, Rosenberger provides directional coupler-based measurement techniques as well as probes for comprehensive cross-domain coupling analysis.

  • Separation of uplink and downlink signals on twisted-pair cables for Ethernet systems using a single differential pair.
  • Detection of common mode interferences on unshielded differential wires

HPK Measurement Coupler

New accessories and technologies within vehicles, like infotainment, smart dashboards, and various advanced driver assistance systems, have increased the demand for high-speed automotive bus systems working in parallel with the high-voltage power networks in electric cars.

The newly developed HPK Measurement Coupler enables detection of  RF voltages and currents in automotive HV-power train as well as fast transients and single shot events in the HV cable harms. An innovative calibration and post processing software (Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain Software) for time domain measurements is also available.


RCTD - Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain-Software

Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain Software (RCTD) was developed to enhance EMC-related, high-voltage measurement capabilities.

  • Novel calibration and post processing software for time domain measurements by the use of a directional coupler
  • Minimal inversive measurements of voltages and currents due to the use of directional couplers