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Calibration at Rosenberger - precision made-to-measure

Precision is of the highest priority at Rosenberger which means the accuracy of industry standards- compliant measuring and testing instruments is essential - the calibration of instruments represents a significant contribution to quality assurance and process reliability.

For this reason, the company's own accredited high-frequency Calibration Laboratory specializes in the calibrating of its own calibration and verification kits as well as products from other manufacturers. This provides a totally focused approach to achieving measurable accuracy at maximum quality.


Rosenberger Calibration Laboratory - services


Factory Calibration

The benchmark used for Rosenberger Calibration Services is Factory Calibration.

Objects with connectors without traceability to national or international standards can be calibrated by Rosenberger using the factory setting. For this purpose, Rosenberger has developed standards which are linked as closely as possible to traceable standards by means of highly sensitive techniques.


Accredited Calibration

Test equipment that has to meet special requirements for the traceability of measurement results - for example within the framework of standards such as IATF 16949 or ISO 17025 - is subjected to Accredited Calibration. The accreditation certificates issued by Rosenberger serve as globally recognized proof of the traceability of measurement results to national and international standards.

Rosenberger’s Calibration Laboratory is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and covers coaxial metrology connector systems.

For effective, long-term return on investment Rosenberger recommends customers always calibrate test instruments annually.


Calibration Certificates

The Calibration Certificates issued by Rosenberger are detailed and structured in content. In addition to measured values and uncertainties they contain graphical representations of results. Further information and technical details are provided in Application Note N001.

For the calibration of kits Rosenberger provides different formats of current standard definitions. This ensures that they can be used on almost all common vector network analyzers.
To find out more, including details of additional calibration services available and for access to specialist documentation, Rosenberger will be pleased to hear from you.

In Rosenberger's Application Note 001 you can also find detailed information on Calibration Services.


Calibration Service Request Form

Please enter your calibration kit and contact information below. We will use this information to generate a quote for our recalibration services with instructions on how to return the calibration kit to us. If you have any additional questions, please contact our U.S. factory at +1 717 859 8900 and then at the prompt, press 1 for customer service.