Calibration Kits


Rosenberger, as a dependable development partner of highly accurate industrial measurement technology, develops and produces a comprehensive range of calibration kits for a variety of standard and precision interfaces for vector network analyzers (VNAs).


Product Portfolio

  • Full Calibration Kits
  • Industrial Calibration Kits
  • Airline versions
  • Adaptor versions
  • Compact Calibration Kits


Rosenberger calibration kits accommodate a wide range of coaxial connectivity requirements and can be used from DC to their maximum frequency.

  • Full version with open, short, load, in-series adaptors, torque wrench and gauges adaptors, and sliding loads for variable measurements
  • Industrial version with open, short, load, in-series adaptors, and torque wrench for standard measurements
  • Airline version – air lines in different lengths and short standards for LRL and TRL calibrations
  • Adaptor version – includes a set of adaptors only, for measurements in “non-metrology” interfaces
  • Compact Calibration Kits are designed as MSO (3-in1, open / short / load) and MSOT (4-in-1, open / short / load / thru) mechanical calibration kits. Small, easy to handle, and delivered with a lanyard and a standard definition card in a small case.




  • Interfaces:
  • 50 Ω Interfaces: 4,1-9,5, 4,3-10, 7-16, BNC, F, FAKRA, HFM, Mini-SMP, N, QMA, QN, RPC-1.35, RPC-1.85, RPC-2.40, RPC-2.92, RPC-3.50, RPC-7, RPC-N, RPC-SP, RPC-TNC, SMP, SnapN
  • 75 Ω Interfaces: BNC 75 Ω, RPC-N 75 Ω



  • Each calibration kit comes with a certificate from Rosenbergers own calibration laboratory
  • The standard calibration is the factory calibration
  • As an option: The Rosenberger calibration laboratory is certified by the German accreditation body DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) and is authorized to issue DAkkS calibration certificates according to DIN EN ISO 17025 which give the highest confidence in traceability
  • For all common coaxial interfaces



  • Test & measurement applications for active or passive devices

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