5G Tool Kit


The Rosenberger 5G Tool Kits combine all of the precision 2.4 mm or 1.85 mm adapters, torque wrench and standard RF cables used in the testing of a 5G system, providing you with the flexibility to mix and match adapters and cable assembleis to your 5G test needs.  Additionally, optional attenuators, 50 ohm terminations, and high performance APSK cables (standard & phase matched) are also available, providing you with maximum flexibility for your 5G system testing.  The tool kit is packaged in an attractive and sturdy wooden case.



  • Available in 1.85 mm (70 GHz) or 2.4 mm (50 GHz) versions
  • Includes Male – Male, M-F and F-F adapters, torque wrench and 2 m-m cable assemblies
  • Optional high performance APSK cables for testing available.
  • Optional 3 dB or 10 dB attenuators available.
  • Sturdy wooden case

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