Rosenberger History


Family Tradition for over 60 Years: "Solidarity, Courage, Vision and Hard Work are the Secret of our Success."

How did an originally small Bavarian locksmith's shop develop into a globally active high-tech company that is technically one of the most innovative, largest and most renowned in its industry today?



Company Formation

After the death of his father-in-law, Georg Winzl, Hans Rosenberger took over his locksmith's shop in Tittmoning, Upper Bavaria, on January 1, 1958, and founded his own company: Hans Rosenberger Maschinenbau.


old trade fair stand


Entry into High Frequency Technology

  • 1967: By processing an order from the bankrupt company Dr. Häberlein, Rosenberger gets into high-frequency technology.
  • 1968: Rosenberger buys and moves into today's company premises in neighboring Fridolfing. The main task now is to structure and organize the growing company.


Large-Scale Production of Miniature Connectors

  • High-frequency technology is developing into the mainstay of sales.
  • The mass production of miniature connectors begins.
  • Rosenberger makes enormous investments in machinery as well as in production and measuring systems.
founder family of Rosenberger


Entry of the Sons Hans, Peter and Bernhard Rosenberger

  • 1980: Hans Rosenberger junior takes over the management of finances and sales in the high-frequency technology division.
  • 1980: Peter Rosenberger takes over production management.
  • 1985: Bernhard Rosenberger builds up the high-frequency laboratory and expands the area of ​​research and development.
  • 1981: The first international office opens in Denmark. In the coming years, further sales branches, company holdings and the establishment of subsidiaries within Europe will follow.
  • 1985: Rosenberger enters the fiber optic market.
Rosenberger factory in china


Worldwide Expansion

Rosenberger rises to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-frequency coax connectors and establishes subsidiaries around the world:

  • 1996: Rosenberger North America (USA)
  • 1997: Beijing Rosenberger (China), since 2004 Rosenberger Asia Pacific
  • 1999: Rosenberger Sudamérica (Chile)
  • 1999: Rosenberger RF Technology (Singapore)
 cable assemby


Entry into the Automotive Market

Development of FAKRA high-frequency connectors for the automotive industry



2001 - New Manufacturing Facility in China
  • The new production facility for electroplating and cable assembly is put into operation in Beijing.
  • Capacity expansion at the company headquarters: Two new production halls in the main factory in Fridolfing double the capacity of parts production in high-frequency technology.
2002 - Certification according to ISO / TS 16949

Rosenberger is the first manufacturer of coaxial connectors to receive certification according to ISO / TS 16949 - today IATF 16949.

2003 - Rosenberger Hungary

Rosenberger Hungary becomes the central assembly location for Europe.

2004 - Rosenberger Asia Pacific
  • Beijing Rosenberger is transformed into Rosenberger Asia Pacific.
  • Introduction of new stamping and bending techniques: At the main plant in Fridolfing, new stamping and forming techniques are used for complicated automotive connectors.
2005 - New logistics center at HQ
  • "Bavarias Best 50" - Rosenberger receives an award
  • Rosenberger is the world leading coaxial connector manufacturer (Source: Connector Supplier)
  • The new logistics center comes online at headquarters
2006 - Rosenberger India

Rosenberger founds its own production facility in Shilpi.

2007 - Hans Rosenberger Senior †
  • We say goodbye to our company founder and long-time boss, Hans Rosenberger senior.
  • Connector and cable assembly in Hungary: The new production hall for connector and cable assembly goes into operation in Jászárokszállás, Hungary.
2008 - 50 years of Rosenberger

50 years of Rosenberger 1958 - 2008

2009 - Development of high-voltage and magnetic connector systems
  • Rosenberger takes over MagCode AG.
  • New development of high-voltage plug-in systems for hybrid and electric vehicles and magnetic charging connectors for data and power supply of light electric vehicles.
2010 - New production site in Brazil & further expansion
  • In Brazil, the new Rosenberger Domex Telecom production site opens in Caçapava - São Paulo.
  • Rosenberger is further expanding its capacities in the USA, India and Hungary.
  • Rosenberger acquires a majority stake in the Texan company CDS DataComm, a contract manufacturer of fiber optic components.
  • Rosenberger takes a stake in Hörl Kunststofftechnik and takes over H&S Automotive.


  • Start of series production of high-voltage connector systems and magnetic charging connectors for electric vehicles 
  • Commissioning of new production halls and move into the administration building at the company's headquarters in Fridolfing
  • Increase in the production capacities of turned parts by commissioning CNC lathes at the Jászárokszállás location in Hungary

2012 - 2020

2012 - Expansion of the subsidiaries in China and North America
  • Rosenberger Asia Pacific merges with Netop in Shanghai-Qingpu.
  • Rosenberger North America acquires a majority stake in Toth Inc., based in Pennsauken, New Jersey.
  • In the “Industrial Company” category, Rosenberger received the “Bavarian Quality Prize” from the Bavarian State Government for outstanding performance in quality and quality management.

2013 - New EMC Laboratory at the Company Headquarters
  • Rosenberger puts the new EMC laboratory into operation in the main factory in Fridolfing .
  • The calibration laboratory is also accredited there.
  • Rosenberger takes over ht micro based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Rosenberger North America restructures its locations and selects Akron in Pennsylvania as its US headquarters.
2014 - New Production Sites
  • Hörl Kunststofftechnik, a Rosenberger Group company, moves into the new production site in Laufen.
  • The new high-voltage assembly hall is put into operation in Jászberény in Hungary.
  • Rosenberger opens a new plant in DianshanHu, Kunshan in China.
  • Rosenberger receives the ESCC qualification as well as the DIN EN 9100 certification for aerospace technology.
2015 - New Openings in India and Japan & Participation in CE+
  • Rosenberger commissions a state-of-the-art production facility in Goa, India.
  • Rosenberger Automotive Japan LLC opens a sales office in Tokyo.
  • Rosenberger partners with  the telematics specialist CE+ from Timelkam in Austria. The company was renamed Rosenberger Telematics GmbH in 2017.
2016 - Foundation of Rosenberger Site Solutions GmbH & Reasons to Celebrate
  • Rosenberger founds Rosenberger Site Solutions GmbH in Laufen.
  • Rosenberger North America celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • There is also a good reason to celebrate at Rosenberger OSI in Augsburg: the 25th company anniversary.
2017 - Takeover of Greiner GmbH & Co. KG & Expansions in Europe
  • Rosenberger acquires Greiner GmbH & Co. KG. The company will be renamed Rosenberger Stanztechnik GmbH & Co. KG in 2020.
  • Building of a modern electroplating plant commences in the main factory in Fridolfing.
  • Rosenberger opens a new production facility in Nyírbátor in Hungary.
  • The ROHU1 warehouse in Jászárokszállás, Hungary, is expanded.
2018 - 60 Years Anniversary
  • 60 Years Anniversary Rosenberger Fridolfing
  • New Hall SF-Technology
  • New Energy Supply Center
  • New Office Building
2019 - Takeover of Holocher & Bauer and Further Expansion
  • Rosenberger acquires Holocher & Bauer in Germany and Hungary. The company will be renamed Rosenberger Automotive Cabling GmbH in 2019.
  • The Rosenberger Philippines branch opens.
  • Rosenberger OSI opens a new production facility in Apodaca, Mexico.
2020 - Rosenberger moves into new logistics center in Mühldorf am Inn
  • Rosenberger awarded BAYERNS BEST 50 prize for the 4th time
  • Installation of photovoltaic system with 935 kwp power for self-supply at Fridolfing headquarters
  • Greiner becomes Rosenberger Stanztechnik GmbH & Co. KG and moves into new production and office location
  • Rosenberger moves into new logistics center in Mühldorf am Inn


  • Eric Küppers becomes the new CEO of the Rosenberger Group
  • Rosenberger continues to be family-owned. Peter, Hans and Bernhard Rosenberger become members of the newly created Supervisory Board
  • Expansion of the production facilities in Apodaca, Mexico - start of production for automotive cable assemblies


  • China, Changzhou - new plant automotive components
  • Tunesia, Sousse - new plant cable assemblies
  • Franz Praxenthaler becomes the CFO of the Rosenberger HQ
  • New Business Organisation: Olaf Scale President of Rosenberger Asia Pacific and Ashok Vasudevan President of Rosenberger India


CFO Franz Praxenthaler

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Management Board Rosenberger HQ

CEO China Olaf Scale

President for Rosenberger Asia Pacific

CEO India Ashok Vasudevan

President for Rosenberger India



SPE - Single Pair Ethernet in Industry and Automation

Rosenberger Proximity Connector (RoProxCon) - System-on-Module

RoProxCon® - Contactless Data and Power Transmission

HSI - High-Speed Implement Bus Systems for Agriculture and Construction Industries

Global Fiber Optic Network Applications



  • Jochen Ehrenberg becomes the new COO of the Rosenberger Group





All About Rosenberger

stork at Rosenberger

Mascot: a Pair of Storks on the Factory Chimney

In 1989, a pair of storks chose the Rosenberger factory chimney as their home for their offspring. After the wind destroyed the first attempt at nesting, a support frame was mounted by helicopter, which the storks willingly accepted.

Since then the nest has been inhabited for many years with numerous young birds starting their journey into the world from Fridolfing.

Learn more about our storks

Apprenticeship factory of Rosenberger

"Training is an Investment in the Future"

Hans Rosenberger Sr. would certainly not have put it that way, because he hated managerial phrases all his life. In the autumn of 1960 he hired three trainees to become machinists. Two of them stayed with Rosenberger their entire working life and, as masters and technicians, managed their own departments within the company for decades.

Incidentally, not only these two, but a significant number of other managers too. With the growing demands of the steadily growing company they took on increasingly demanding positions over time.